Lian Li X500FX Original

Lets start shall we? Ok here it goes, after looking at dozens of brands and hundreds of cases my heart always came back to this one.. Well its almost perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Brushed Aluminum, elegant looking front. The pictures don't do it justice. Yes it has side bays, but I plan to remove those. Anyways what I have planned for this thing will be epic :) Oh ya I grabbed the case on for $360 bucks as it was on sale.

Here is another pic of how the back side looks, again these are original pictures before any modifications. The glass windows looks a bit small and not centered enough for me. My plan is to make the side window bigger, besides it came in cracked on one side, I guess someone overtightened the screws..


<-- This top Bay over here will be redesigned, I want put in a H100 Corsair Cooling kit in there...

<-- I want to switch out the fans to Xigmateks with white leds, and perhaps add some sort of custom grill on the inside to make them look nice.. will see.

<-- I will build some sort of covering for the bottom here, also throw out the useless HD bays they will be put else where.

Here is the inside view of the stock clear fans. I guess they look not bad but for some reason I don't like them, besides they can probably be used else where.