Little white on black

A little bit of white on black turned out pretty good.

A full oview of the inside.

Overall very satisfied.

Noise level is about 40db with a total of 8 fans running.

More Pics on the final build

Light is a bit off it acvtually looks much better in person :)

Back Side turned out really good. No lines no holes. I m talking about the little squere window that I had to mask.

A peak inside with out the side windwos.

View from the top.

Inside turned out very good, at least I like. :)

H100 Cooler does better then I expected. with 4.5 OC temps dont break 70C after 24hour Prime95 run. on regular Use they hang in mid to high 30s.

A Finished look

Project Finally complete. Core I7 Stable OC to 4.5ghz on 1.28 volts. 40k in 3Dmark vantage

A quick look from the back panel.

Lian Li X500FX Finished Outside Look

pictures how the case looks outside. The camera I have does not do it justice for some reason the pictures come out grayish even though in reality they are black.

I will try to take some more pics out side in the sunlight once the whole build is complete. For now the case is done.

The Back side.


Close Up Pics of Lian Li X500 Side Panel

Here are some more pictures of the side window on.

Used gorilla glue for the corners. Overall the result is very satisfying.

And another one.

Lian Li X500 Back Pannel

So I ran into a little road block what to do with a hole on the back panel, simply had to make it disappear. 

It was not as easy as it sounds, took me about a week to get this final look. Had to sand the damn thing about 20 times not to mention priming and painting it about a dozen times.

Another picture with the side on.

A closer look.

Top Cover

Finished Making the top cover for the Rad. Again used custom mesh and 1/8 edging to achive desired look. On the bottom you can se a Corsair AX1200 PSU peaking out.

Closer look from inside the case. looks not bad so far.

Radiator Installed

Totally redesigned the top Plate, had to cut an area to fit a 240mm rad. used Jigsaw with 14tpi metal blade to get this achived.

Here is closer look after the rad has been installed. Also notice that the hole I cut arelier for a fan on the front has been utilized.

A closer look from insde the case of how the whole setup looks so far.

Custom Mesh for The Bottom and Side Fans - Installed

Used custom mesh as well as aluminum corner Gaurds to build an enclosure for the bottom of the case.

Build a custom mesh gaurd for the fans inside the case. Added 1/8 edging onto the sides to give a more profesional look.

Here is a closer look how it looks installed. Over all it looks very good the pictures keep coming out grayish because of the flash. but this is actually dark black color.

Precut a 120mm hole for the above intake totalling 4 fans on the front.

Installing the Plexiglas window

Ordered some edge trim from Ebay  
1/4 wide. After drilling holes used machine bolts with nuts about 1/4 long to secure the Plexiglas while hiding them under the trim.

A quick look at the backside showing a tightened nut. Plexiglas was cut with a regual table saw.

Lian Li X500FX Modded Window

Moving onto the side window. Goal here is to make it bigger or at least more evened out. First I marked the area where to cut.

Next used some masking tape to cover brushed aluminum so not to scratch the surface. 

Here is what I got so far.. Looks not bad.. Anyways I used a jig saw with a metal blade to achieve this.

140mm Xigmatek Fans

Let the Modding Begin! First thing I replaced are the stock fans.. Even though they were Lian Li Fans they were clear fans and simply didn't go with how I want this case to look in the future.

Here is the Pic from inside the case . You cant really tell from the pic but the cables were sleved with black. By the way these are 140mm Fans 

Another pic from the front, without the pannel. My plan here is to add a fourth fan towards the top. Anyhow so far so good.

Lian Li X500FX Original

Lets start shall we? Ok here it goes, after looking at dozens of brands and hundreds of cases my heart always came back to this one.. Well its almost perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Brushed Aluminum, elegant looking front. The pictures don't do it justice. Yes it has side bays, but I plan to remove those. Anyways what I have planned for this thing will be epic :) Oh ya I grabbed the case on for $360 bucks as it was on sale.

Here is another pic of how the back side looks, again these are original pictures before any modifications. The glass windows looks a bit small and not centered enough for me. My plan is to make the side window bigger, besides it came in cracked on one side, I guess someone overtightened the screws..


<-- This top Bay over here will be redesigned, I want put in a H100 Corsair Cooling kit in there...

<-- I want to switch out the fans to Xigmateks with white leds, and perhaps add some sort of custom grill on the inside to make them look nice.. will see.

<-- I will build some sort of covering for the bottom here, also throw out the useless HD bays they will be put else where.

Here is the inside view of the stock clear fans. I guess they look not bad but for some reason I don't like them, besides they can probably be used else where.